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Kay Nielsen Art Images
Kay Nielsen's illustrations to Grimms Fairy Tales, Old Tales from the North (East of the Sun West of the Moon), Twelve Dancing Princesses, Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales, and others. Can you see the influence of Aubrey Beardsley in his work? At Walt Disney's request, Kay Nielsen did the Bald Mountain scenes in Fantasia.

Kay Nielsen 2012 Calendar: There are two Kay Nielsen calendars this year. The Kay Nielsen 12-month calendar will be available mid-October. The Kay Nielsen 15-month calendar is available now.

Scheherazade and the SultanComing soon: Arabian Nights and the complete In Powder and Crinoline. (Several of Arabian Nights and In Powder and Crinoline are already up here, but the rest will make there way here soon.)

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Kay Nielsen - Rapunzel

Kay Nielsen

Hans Christian Andersen Fairytales and Other Stories

The Man Who Never Laughed

The Wolf is Waiting

The Princess and The Pea: I do not know what was in my bed.

The Tinder Box: The dog ran with the princess on his back

The Hardy Tin Solder

The Shadow: At the top there's a hole leads out into the wide world

Elder Mother Tree: An old, plesant-looking woman in a strange dress

The Story of a Mother: And they went into an unknown land

Old Luk-Oie: Sometimes the forest was thick and dark, sometimes like a glorious garden full of sunlight and flowers

The Nightingale: At night, I listen to the Nightingale

Snow Queen: Such a heart became a block of ice

Snow Queen: As they went, it became a beautiful Spring with wild flowers

The Flying Trunk: She is waiting still

The Swineherd: He shut the door in her face

Kay Nielsen

Grimm's Fairy Tales


Hansel and Gretel
Frog Bride
Fisherman and his Wife
Six Swans
Juniper Tree
Two Brothers
The Unicorn (Valiant Little Tailor)


Six Swans
Valiant Little Tailor
Two Brothers
Juniper Tree
Fisherman and his Wife
Frog Bride
Goose Girl
Hansel and Gretel


A (Two brothers)
A (Snowdrop)
D (Rumplestiltskin)
O (Catskin)
I (Fisherman)
I (Hansel and Gretel)
I (Rosebud)
I (Frog Bride)
P (Tailor)
U (Goose Girl)
U (Six Swans)
V (Juniper Tree)

End Marks

Fisherman and his Wife 1
Fisherman and his Wife 2
Frog Bride 1
Frog Bride 2
Goosegirl 1
Goosegirl 2
Hansel and Gretel
Juniper 1
Juniper 2
Valiant Little Tailor
Two Brothers

Kay Nielsen

Old Tales from the North (East of the Sun, West of the Moon)

The Lassie and her Godmother


Pop! Out Flew the Moon

The Sun Flies Away

Then He Carried her Home

Here are your Children

He too Saw the Image in the Water


The Widow's Son

Whither Away?

The Horse Begged Him to Look Behind Him

The Lovely Gardener Boy

This Time She Whisked Off the Wig

For they were Friends as Long as they Lived


I Think the Bear had Best Stay Here Til Morning

The Lad in the Bear's Skin and the King of Arabia's Daughter

Bluebelt (b & w)

The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body

Riding Out to Woo

In that Well Swims a Duck

Kay Nielsen

Twelve Dancing Princesses and other Stories

Twelve Dancing Princesses

On the Way to the Dance

Don't Drink! I would rather marry a gardener!

The Three Princesses of Whiteland

Standing in the Earth up to their Necks

The Man Gave Him a Pair of Snowshoes

The Three Princesses in the Blue Mountain

Such a Large Flock of Birds Swept Down

A Snowdrift Carried Them Away

They Pulled Up the Princesses

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Hold Tight to My Shaggy Coat

In the Midst of the Gloomy Thick Wood

Tell Me the Way Then

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Kay Nielsen Art Prints at Artsy Craftsy

East of the Sun, West of the Moon - Kay Nielsen At Rest in the Dark Wood The Tinder Box East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Kay Nielsen art prints are available here: Artsy Craftsy (source of the images right above). As for posters, there is not a wide selection of posters of illustrations by Kay Nielsen, but there are a sometimes a few available. Check the Find Prints and Posters page.

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Kay Nielsen - The UnicornKay Nielsen - The Wolf is Waiting

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